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I've never been one of those people that skips over Halloween and goes straight to Christmas products. Not until this year. I was browsing online and saw that the Lush Christmas items were out and I had a mini panic attack and went onto the site so quick you would've thought something was wrong. Christmas is a time when all of the Lush addicts come out to play, and for good reason.

Father Christmas | Bath Bomb

How can you not purchase this bath bomb at Christmas time?! It is the cutest pale pink color and turns the water a green color. The scent is the famous Snow Fairy scent, so it is on the sweeter side.

Mistletoe | Bath Bomb

I bought this one solely because of it's colors (the name isn't so bad either). This one has a jasmine scent and it turns the water a purple color. 

Northern Lights | Bath Bomb

I had to keep this one in it's packaging because part of the inside started breaking apart, and that would've been messy. When this bath bomb first came out, I saw pictures it EVERYWHERE, so I had to get it when it came out this year. It turns the water lilac, blue and yellow and has Ylang Ylang essential oil in it, which is my all time favourite essential oil because it's scent is so relaxing. It also has  a jasmine scent to it. 

Magic Wand | Reusable Bubble Bar

This seems to be another cult favourite, so I had to get this as well. Plus, it's pink with glitter (I mean c'mon.) You hold it under the water for a couple of seconds and it adds cotton candy scented bubbles to your bath. This will definitely fill your princess needs for the day.

Snow Fairy | Body Conditioner

This was my first time purchasing a body conditioner, and I love it! My favourite way to use it is after shaving my legs. It leaves them extra soft right when you step out of the shower. Snow fairy is a very sweet scent, so if you're not into sweet scents than this may not be for you. It's made with a cherry infusion and also has mango and avocado butters for moisturizing, as well as cocoa butter.

Fairy Dust | Dusting Powder

I can't lie, I purchased this for it's name and because it is pink. I've heard about Lush dusting powders before, so I'm excited to give it a try. It has the Snow Fairy scent, so when you add it you'll smell like candy and have a shimmer to your skin (which it pretty ideal if I must say).

Have you purchased anything from the Lush Christmas line yet?

xo, Cassandra

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