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First off, I just wanted to say welcome! And if you've been following my blog/youtube channel for a while, welcome back! I wanted to make this post explaining why I switched websites (formerly I was somethingcassandra.com). Before I do that, I am going to give a quick backstory on my blog.

Where it all Began

I have always turned to blogs and youtube videos for how to do pretty much anything beauty related. I still look forward to nights I have nothing else to do except catch up on my favorite influencers. One day I realized that I could do that too, so I made my first blog. (To save some embarrassment I won't share the link ;) That lasted a couple months and then I stopped.


About two and a half years ago I created a youtube channel which you can find here. I posted pretty consistently and that's when I decided to purchase a domain and start somethingcassandra.com. I posted both on youtube and my site for a while and then I got a full time job and I pretty much put both on hold. I feel like people don't realize how much work goes into a single youtube video or blog post until they actually start doing it. 

Where I'm At Now

Since school started back up, I am only working part time now, so I have more time at home. I started making videos again and I decided I wanted to be more consistent with my blog as well, so I am starting fresh on here. I also forgot to renew my domain name and I am unable to get it back. (oops!) I decided to delete all of my old videos and start fresh on youtube as well.

I apologize for switching things up, but I am excited to be back up and running! 

xo, Cassandra 

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