5 Common Makeup Mistakes and How To Stop Making Them

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Do you feel like makeup is a chore and that it never comes out the way you want it to? This may be because you're applying it in ways that will actually do the opposite of what you want it to do. Although I am a firm believer that there should be no rules in makeup, (it's fun to play around with!) there are certain mistakes that just never seem to workout in anyone's favor. Once you actually apply the makeup in a way that will emphasize your features (and hide what you want hidden), I promise that you will look at makeup from a whole new perspective! Here's a list of 5 makeup mistakes that are very common, and how to stop making them!

You're Not Using a Primer 

Primer seems to be one of the most overlooked makeup products. So many people that I talk to either never heard of one, or just don't think it's important to use. Using a primer before you apply foundation and concealer has so many benefits! The first is that there is a primer out there for any skin type or “skin problem.” It will help your makeup apply smoother, and it will also help it stay on longer. I also find that my skin looks so much smoother when I have a primer on. Some of my favorites are the Benefit Porefssional, Smashbox Photofinish Primer and the Too Faced Hangover Primer.

You're Skipping Moisturizer 

Just like primer, there is a moisturizer out there for every skin type. If you have dry skin, there's moisturizers to hydrate, and if you have oily skin there's moisturizers that will help with controlling the oils and keeping you matte. The biggest mistake I hear is people who have oily skin skip moisturizer because they think it will make them even more oily. That's only true if you have oily skin and are using a moisturizer that was made for dry to very dry skin. If you skip moisturizer, your skin will start producing even MORE oil than normal.

You're Using Too Much Lash Glue 

If you think that putting lashes on is hard because they slide around as you try to put them on, then this one's for you. When applying false lashes, you don't need tons of glue in order for them to say in place. You really only need a thin layer that covers the band. Also, after applying the glue to the band, wait at least 30 seconds before you put them on. This will allow the glue to get tacky and they won't slide everywhere. What I like to do is apply my lash glue to the lashes before I even start my makeup and then apply them after I finish my eye makeup. That way I'm not impatiently sitting there waiting for the glue to dry, because that's when I'll put them on before the glue gets tacky.

You're Putting Shimmer in the Crease 

This might have been cool to do in middle school, but I don't think I have ever seen a makeup look that looks good with shimmer in the crease. This will make your whole eye look seem very muddy and messy. Instead, try using a warm toned matte shade in the crease and applying a shimmer shade only to the lid. You'll notice a major difference.

You're Using Way More than you Need 

We've all been there before. Our skin's acting up one day and we feel like we need to add a bunch of foundation on top because that will cover it up, right? Wrong. That will only really make you look cakey and emphasize your breakouts. With any product, it's best to add a little at a time and build up as you need it. If your problem area is your chin, do a thin layer all over your face and then add a little more foundation to your chin only and then blend it out. This will help you cover up the areas that need coverage and leave alone the areas that are fine. Just remember, it's always easier to add more than it is to take it away.

Do you have any tips for common makeup mistakes?

xo, Cassandra

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