Lessons I've Learned From Moving Across the Country Alone

7:31 PM

boulder falls

Long time no talk! If you follow my Instagram (@somethingcassandra), you know that in the
spring I moved halfway across the country by myself to Colorado. I put my blog on the back
burner for a while so I could adjust to everything and fully explore my new home! After living
here for almost 9 months now (CRAZY how fast time went), I have learned some valuable
lessons I would like to share!

1. I learned to like being uncomfortable
Moving to a new place, rather it be a new state or even a few towns over, you are going
to be in a whole new environment. It would be easy to just stay home every weekend
and feel totally comfortable- but what’s the fun in that!? Since I moved alone, I was
forced to go to many places by myself. I did this a lot before my move, however I still
feel uncomfortable going new places sometimes. It is always SO worth it though. You
never know what you are going to find! By doing this I found this beautiful spot that I
like to go to a lot to think and recharge.

boulder falls

2. I learned to not be lazy
I quickly learned it’s VERY easy for dishes and bills to pile up, and when things pile
up I get anxious. So now, once I finish a meal, I’ll do all the dishes rather than leaving
them for the next day. And when I see a bill is due, I’ll pay it rather than wait until the
due date. (I’m still working on taking my recycling to the trash room each night).  It
may sound simple but I’ve noticed a big change in my stress levels when I put in the
extra effort up front.

breckenridge colorado

3. I learned to say yes more
If someone asks me to go somewhere or do something, my initial thought used to be
that it’s taking time out that I could be at home relaxing. However, when I do go I
always end up having a great time! Even if it's something I normally wouldn't do. I
ended up meeting some great people this way and exploring places I might not have
seen otherwise.

colorado rockies

4.  I learned more about myself
Being out here on my own I learned to be self-sufficient. I learned confidence and how
to rely on myself. I had to work through uncomfortable situations in order to keep
moving forward and although it wasn’t great at the time, it helped me grow. I spend a
lot of time alone and have been able to build a relationship with myself, which I
believe is the most important.

union station denver

5. I learned that I'm capable of anything if I try

Moving is stressful enough. Let alone moving to an unfamiliar place by yourself can be
a lot more than you are ready to handle. Especially since this was my first time living
on my own in general. I made a decision one day that I wanted to follow what my heart
was telling me to do. It was very unfamiliar and not always the easiest, however I kept
going and I am happier than ever. I realized that if there is something I really want, if
you push forward through all of the downs, the ups are going to be fantastic.

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